You are currently viewing 11 funny toilet paper holders that’ll make your guests laugh

11 funny toilet paper holders that’ll make your guests laugh

If you want to add some fun to your bathroom, why not go for a funny toilet paper holder?

Here are 11 funny toilet paper holders that’ll surely make for a fun toilet visit. I saved the best one for last!

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1. Dog toilet paper holder

This cute little dog literally holds your toilet paper between its paws! How cute is that?

Or do you rather prefer this doggie holder?

2. Classic sheep toilet paper holder

We can’t make this list without this one: the classic sheep toilet paper holder. This is what we call clever design!

3. Tic Tac Toe toilet paper holder

This interactive Tic Tac Toe toilet paper holder is a fun toilet paper storage idea:

4. Honeycomb toilet paper holder

This honeycomb perfectly holds all of your toilet paper in a fun way:

5. Caterpillar toilet paper holder

This one is also great for kids: a caterpillar toilet paper holder!

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6. Sheep toilet paper holder (wall mount)

This is another toilet paper holder in the form of a sheep.

7. T-Rex toilet paper holder

Yes, you read that right. Scare your kids with this Tyrannosaurus toilet paper holder:

8. Cast Iron Dino toilet paper holder

Now that we’re talking about dinosaurs, here’s another dinosaur toilet paper holder:

9. Giraffe toilet paper holder

Here’s a similar one as the previous one, but this time it’s a giraffe toilet paper holder:

10. Dragon toilet paper holder

If you prefer dragons over dinosaurs, this is the one for you:

11. Wall mount bear toilet paper holder

I saved the best one for last… This cute bear that seems to poop toilet paper:

What can I use instead of a toilet paper holder?

Do you prefer something else to a classic toilet paper holder?

Instead of using a toilet paper holder, you can use one of your paper towel holders and put them on a shelf or toilet tank. Another option is to put a small basket on the floor, and store your toilet paper in there. This is a great alternative and makes your bathroom look stylish.

I in particular like this basket to hold toilet paper: a woven storage basket in white. But you can also go for a metal wired mesh bin which gives it more of an industrial look.

To keep your stuff in the bathroom sanitary always flush the toilet with a closed lid!

Where is the best place to put a toilet paper holder in a small bathroom?

The best place to put a toilet paper holder in a small bathroom is to use the wall space. Preferably a built-in niche. Alternatively, you can mount a small and compact toilet paper holder on your wall. You can store the rest of the toilet paper in a cabinet below the sink, or use space above the toilet to maximize room.

Here’s an example to use the space above your toilet to store toilet paper:

How do you hide toilet paper in a small bathroom?

To hide toilet paper in a small bathroom you can store the paper in a cabinet above your toilet. If you want to go fancy, you can even build in one of those toilet paper dispensers like this popular one. Although they might be expensive depending on which one you choose, they are great for small bathrooms.

Plus, it looks really good.

Should toilet paper hang over or under?

According to most people, toilet paper should hang over instead of under because it looks better. Another reason is that you get easier access to the paper. You don’t have to reach under it, but you can approach the roll from above. This might be easier for the elderly and less abled people.

But honestly, it’s just a preference.

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