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25 stylish toilet paper storage ideas for small bathrooms

Let’s face it: toilet paper isn’t the most stylish item. But luckily we can store them in ways that match our aesthetic. Here are 25 stylish toilet paper storage ideas that work for small and large bathrooms alike!

1. Round woven storage basket

This bohemian round woven storage basket looks amazing with the white of toilet paper.

2. Small bathroom cabinet

This toilet paper storage for small bathrooms is great according to its many reviews.

3. Wall mounted Cabinet above toilet

Utilize space above your toilet to save as much room as you can. You can store this particular cabinet above your toilet. If you’re a little handy, you could DIY the cabinet below:

4. Floor standing Over the toilet cabinet

If you don’t want to mount anything to your walls you can use this over toilet storage.

5. Minimal niche toilet paper storage

If you prefer a minimal look you can create a niche in the wall behind your toilet to store toilet paper. This looks very minimalistic and stylish! Just make sure to check the dimensions before purchasing. There are many different sizes available!

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6. Toilet paper holder inside

Your small bathroom needs as much space as it can, so this built-in toilet paper holder is perfect for that.

7. Combine a niche with a cabinet

You can also choose to combine both a cabinet with a niche below just like this:

8. Over the toilet storage

Here’s another over the toilet storage rack:

9. Toilet shelf

You also simply use a shelf you put on your toilet.

10. Collapsible storage baskets for toilet paper

These incredibly popular storage baskets are so versatile you can put them anywhere you want.

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11. Free-standing toilet paper organizer

What do you think of this free-standing toilet paper organizer? It comes in a variety of colors.

12. Bamboo toilet paper organizer

This Bamboo toilet paper organizer not only looks amazing but it’s also made out of bamboo (aka environment-friendly).

13. Floating cloud toilet paper storage

This toilet paper storage system makes it look like your toilet paper adheres to your wall all by itself. Plus, it looks like a cloud!

14. Silver lining

Stack your toilet paper in on this metal system so that your toilet paper cloud has a silver lining.

15. Bohemian toilet roll storage

What do you think of this bohemian toilet roll storage? You can easily DIY this with one of those fruit bags.

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16. Corner shelf

Ever thought about using a corner shelf to store your toilet paper? This is a great way to use up all your bathroom space!

17. Sleek toilet paper organizer

This super modern toilet paper organizer looks great in modern bathrooms.

18. Modern floor-standing toilet paper organizer

This floor-standing toilet paper organizer holds 4 rolls which is perfect for small bathrooms.

19. Wall-mount toilet paper organizer

What about this metal-wired wall-mount toilet paper organizer?

20. Classic toilet paper holder + organizer

Have you ever considered a toilet paper holder and organizer in one? This is a classic one.

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21. Brushed nickel toilet paper stand

This toilet paper stand is a great addition to your bathroom.

22. Narrow toilet holder basket

What do you think of this cute narrow toilet holder basket? You can choose from 5 colors.

23. Toilet paper holder rack

This floor-standing toilet paper holder rack holds 3 mega rolls.

24. Toilet paper organizer

If you want to use a toilet roll holder but you don’t want it to be visible you can opt for this one. These organizers look discreet and come with a handy lid.

25. Boho freestanding toilet paper holder

This boho toilet paper organizer is great for stylish bathrooms.

What is the best way to store toilet paper?

The best way to store toilet paper is to keep the paper somewhere dry and close to the bathroom. Most people prefer linen closets. You can also simply keep the toilet paper in its original packaging in the bathroom. This is handy but not very visually pleasing.

An alternative would be to store a few rolls in the bathroom and keep the rest elsewhere.

How do you store toilet paper in bulk?

To store toilet paper in bulk you can make use of your garage or storage room. Just make sure to keep the rolls in its original packaging to avoid damage. You can then transfer a pack up to your linen closet and take out a few rolls to keep in your bathroom. Toilet organizers help keep your bathroom tidy.

This way your bathroom isn’t ”overcrowded” with tons of toilet paper rolls.

Where do you put toilet paper in a small bathroom?

If you have a small bathroom it’s best to put your toilet paper above the floor. Meaning somewhere on the wall. You can use an over-toilet storage rack or you can mount a shelf above your toilet. Another alternative is to make a niche inside your wall to store toilet paper.

The latter is not only super handy, but it also looks great in modern bathrooms.

What can I use instead of a toilet paper holder?

Instead of a toilet paper holder, you can use:

  • Woven baskets
  • Toilet paper organizers
  • Metal wired baskets
  • Niche inside your wall
  • Wall mount shelves
  • Floor-standing toilet roll organizers

The options are endless.

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