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8 Toilet Cleaning Hacks Every toilet-owner Needs to Know

Cleaning the toilet might not be your most preferred task, but it’s something that has to be done. It is easy to reach for those store-bought cleaners. But, their impact on our health and the environment might not be top-notch.

But worry not, we have compiled 8 fantastic toilet cleaning hacks that are cost-effective, environment-friendly, and very efficient. These hacks utilize household items that are usually present in your pantry and are non-toxic!

1. Use Baking Soda and Vinegar to clean lime and mineral deposits

This magical combo can remove any hard water stains and lime deposits. All you need to do is pour about a cup of vinegar into your toilet bowl, and let it sit for a minute, add some baking soda, followed by one more cup of vinegar.

Wait for around 10 minutes and scrub with a toilet brush. This fizzing cocoon of cleanness not only makes your toilet bowl shine like new but also neutralizes odors.

In our guide to thoroughly cleaning a toilet, you can read all about the use of baking soda and vinegar.

2. Coca-Cola’s acidic nature cleans toilet stains

Who knew your favorite sugary drink could be an effective toilet cleaner? Thanks to its acidic nature, Coca-Cola excels at cleaning stubborn stains. Pour a can into your toilet bowl, leave it overnight, and then scrub with a toilet brush in the morning. It’s finally a guilt-free way to enjoy Coke!

3. Denture tablets break down hard water stains

Yes, the stuff for cleaning false teeth! The effervescing (bubbling) action of denture tablets is excellent at breaking down hard water stains in your toilet. Drop 1 or 2 tablets into the bowl (start with 1) and let them work their magic overnight.

Give a quick scrub with a toilet brush in the morning, and you’ll be amazed at the gleaming results.

4. Dryer Sheets to clean the exterior of your toilet

It’s not just for laundry anymore. A used dryer sheet can give a worn toilet bowl a new sparkly shine. Wipe down the bowl with the (dry) dryer sheet. Alternatively, you can wet the sheet. However, once done, resist the temptation to flush down the dryer sheet. This will definitely cause clogs!

5. Borax for cleaning toilets

This natural mineral is a powerhouse when it comes to cleaning the toilet bowl. Sprinkle 1/4 cup into the bowl, dampen your toilet brush, and start cleaning. Did you know that cleaning regularly prolongs the life span of your toilet?

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6. White Vinegar and Duct Tape

We’ve personally never tried this before, so proceed with caution.

There are some people who use duct tape to trap water and vinegar in the siphons of the toilet to let it soak overnight. They do this by:

Turning off the water supply of the toilet and flush. Then, they clean the rim of the bowl and dry it. After that they duct tape the holes that sit underneath the rim of your toilet (you know where the water flows out of).

Then, they pour a few diluted cups of white vinegar in the toilet tank and flush! But because you taped off the holes the water will sit in the siphons and do its magic there. The next morning you remove the tape and flush once more. Tada! Clean siphons.

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7. Citric acid powder

The use of citric acid is easy-peasy. All you need is to sprinkle citric acid powder in your toilet bowl. Let it sit overnight; the acid works to break down the build-up effectively while you enjoy your beauty sleep.

The next morning, give your toilet a good scrub using a toilet brush. You’ll be amazed at the sparkling clean toilet that greets you!

Remember, always flush after cleaning with citric acid to ensure that all the acid has been washed away. This keeps your toilet safe for use and protects the plumbing as well.

8. Soak citrus peels in vinegar for a lovely scent

If you let citrus peels soak in vinegar you can use this lovely-smelling solution to clean your toilet. Be sure to soak it for a few nights though!

If you’re interested in making your DIY toilet cleaner check out this article.

The role of citric acid in toilet cleaning

The last 3 hacks all had one thing in common: citric acid! Naturally, this occurs in, you guessed it, lemon. Why citric acid for cleaning?

This organic acid is known for its acidity and effervescence. These two properties make citric acid a viable cleaning agent that can cut through the toughest grime and mineral deposits. When used right, it can leave your toilet looking clean, shiny, and absolutely lime scale-free. Besides, citric acid scores high on the environmental-friendly front, making it a go-to choice for those who steer clear of harsh chemicals.

Citric acid truly is mother nature’s gift to all homemakers. Efficient, non-toxic, and most importantly, cheap. Remember, in the world of cleaning, sometimes the best solutions do come in (citrus) packages!

What is the best trick to clean a toilet?

While fun stuff like Coca-Cola and denture tablets might work..

The best trick to clean a toilet is probably the combination of white vinegar and baking soda. Even plumbers recommend this simple trick for a spotless toilet. The best part is that it’s eco-friendly and budget-friendly as well.

However, the tip we give over and over again is to upkeep maintenance. Just clean your toilet regularly! If you have a busy household you can do some ”wipe downs” in between to keep things fresh until the next cleaning.

Find a free printable toilet cleaning schedule here.

These hacks we’ve discussed are not only simple but they’re also gentle to the environment. By adopting these, you’re taking a step towards a cleaner home and a greener planet. So, why not give these hacks a try the next time your toilet needs a clean-up? You might be surprised at how well they work!

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