You are currently viewing 21 Fun toilet facts that might surprise you

21 Fun toilet facts that might surprise you

Almost every single person uses a toilet every single day, but only a few know the upcoming interesting facts about them.

Get ready to read 21 fun toilet facts that are guaranteed to make you laugh!

1. The country with the average biggest turd a day is… Tonga

According to Tonga is the country that has the largest bowel movements. This is due to the westernization of their diets, resulting in bigger poops.

Dropping a 531 grams (1.17 lbs) turd a day is quite impressive if you ask me. Especially when the average American drops 120 grams (0.26 lbs) of deuce a day.

2. The most expensive toilet in the world costs $19 million dollars

At $19 million dollars, the International Space Station has the most expensive toilet in the world. It has a toilet that is designed to recycle urine into drinkable water, which is one of the reasons why it’s so expensive.

It also features leg braces so the astronauts don’t float away when dropping the kids off at the pool.

3. The average toilet has a weight limit of 454 kilos (1,000 pounds)

This means that, technically, you can share a toilet with 4 other adults at the same time.

Here at we don’t judge.

4. There are 40,000 toilet-related injuries per year in the US alone

Something else for you to worry about.

5. Monarchs used to have personal butt wipers

Yes, unfortunately, you read that right.

The Groom of the Stool was a person who assisted a monarch with his ”toileting needs”. There’s a debate on whether or not the king actually threw his legs in the air and let the Groom of Stool clean his cheeks or that the Groom of Stool only monitored a monarch’s bowel health.

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6. The flush toilet was invented in 1592

Thank you sir John Harrington.

7. In 2016 a python emerged from a toilet and bit a man in his penis

Both man and python survived the ordeal.

8. 1935 was the year splinter-free toilet paper was advertised

This might explain the expression ”having a stick up one’s butt”.

9. Homes built after the 1990s have on average 3 toilets

According to houses build before the ’60s have on average 1.9 toilets.

10. Vegans poop more

Because of their high-fibre diet, vegans tend to answer nature’s call more often than omnivores.

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11. According to microbiologists you should clean your toilet once a week

Let’s keep that E. Coli from spreading!

12. The average person uses 85 rolls of toilet paper each year

This comes down to 13,000 shits- I mean sheets.

13. On average girls learn faster to potty train than boys

To be fair, boys also need to learn how to pee standing up.

14. 20% of people don’t wash their hands after they went to the bathroom

For the ones that do wash their hands, only 30% of them use soap. Ew.

15. Pooping should not take longer than 10-15 minutes

Hemorrhoids may occur when pooping longer.

16. You can get an STI (sexually transmitted infection) from using a toilet seat

This is, however, highly unlikely unless your genitals come in contact with a moist toilet that happens to have a parasitic STI on it.

Like anyone would sit on a wet toilet seat.

17. Toilets can last up to 50 years of (gentle) use

Gentle use that is. It’s advised to check whether or not you should replace your toilet at the 20-year mark.

18. Black widow spiders have been known to spin their webs underneath toilet seats

Fortunately this mostly happens in outhouse toilets.

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19. The average person reading this article poops between 3 times a day to 3 times a week

Is it me or does three times a day sound like a lot?

Again, no judgement here.

20. Bidets are more sanitary than toilet paper

Bidets wash away fecal matter and urine. Toilet paper also does a good job but it can’t compete against a bidet.

21. Toilet brushes are hazardous to your health

Toilet brushes may carry a lot of fecal matter which is the perfect playing ground for bacteria. This may even result in respiratory issues.

Sounds like urine trouble.

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