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Everything you need to know about DUDE Wipes

You’ve probably heard of wet toilet wipes, but have you ever heard of DUDE wipes?

DUDE wipes are a brand of wet toilet wipes manufactured by the brand DUDE. This particular brand of toilet wipes gained fame after appearing on the popular show Shark Tank. Due to clever marketing and sponsoring famous fight sports athletes, it’s been one of the most popular wet wipes sold.

Keep reading to find out everything about DUDE Wipes including why they are so popular, if they’re truly safe to use, and the lawsuit.

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What are dude wipes used for?

DUDE wipes are used as an alternative or extra tool next to toilet paper to clean oneself after a bowel movement. They are used in the same way as toilet paper. These wipes that are targeted at men have extra ingredients like vitamin E and Aloe which helps soothes your skin.

Dude wipes have been one of the most popular wet wipes that are available today. The reviews don’t lie: they score 4.8/5 stars out of 54,000+ ratings!

You can buy DUDE Wipes here.

There are different variants of DUDE wipes:

If you use the wipes regularly you can buy a toilet paper holder made by DUDE. This toilet paper holder has a sleek black box on top in which you can keep your DUDE wipes out of sight.

dude wipes

Are DUDE wipes for poop?

DUDE wipes are made to easily clean any residue stool after you went number two. Contrary to wiping after peeing, cleaning yourself after a bowel movement is easier done with wet paper in order to get and feel truly clean.

Of course, you can use toilet paper only, but you might have to use a lot of paper and scrub yourself which can lead to irritated skin. If you use a DUDE wipe you’ll clean yourself faster and easier.

But, and it’s a big but, toilet wipes are notorious for clogging up your pipes. Even though the brand says the wipes are septic and sewer safe, in reality, brands are allowed to say that even though it’s not 100% true.

To be 100% sure your DUDE wipes don’t clog up your toilet, throw your used wipes away in a sealed-off bin.

Why are dude wipes for men?

DUDE wipes are marketed to men because the brand DUDE, which makes these toilet wipes, is a brand targeting men. Of course, women can use DUDE wipes as well, it’s just that the brand focuses on men.

The founders found that there were no wet wipes specifically made for men which they’ve decided to change. They now have more products than wet wipes alone such as face wipes and shower wipes.

Dude wipes lawsuit

The brand DUDE which makes DUDE Wipes was sued by people whose plumbing system got problems after flushing DUDE wipes. DUDE Wipes are marketed as being sewer- and septic system safe which was, in their opinion, not the case.

The brand DUDE, like any other toilet wipes brand, markets its toilet wipes as sewer- and septic safe. The packaging of DUDE wipes, however, features a side panel disclaimer explaining conditions under which Dude Wipes are actually flushable or not.

The people who sued DUDE said they didn’t read the disclaimer before buying and using the wipes and according to them, it messed up their plumbing.

Technically the brand DUDE didn’t do anything wrong as they have a disclaimer. However, the judge agreed with the people who sued to say that they can’t presume everyone reads the fine print of a disclaimer.

It’s also unknown whether consumers understand when the wipes are flushable. If you’d like to read a more detailed explanation of this lawsuit you can read it here.

Dude wipes net worth

DUDE Wipes’ net worth is estimated to be quite impressive as they have an annual revenue of $100 million dollars. They have closed deals with major stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon, and many more stores.

Dude Wipes gained fame after they sponsored famous fight sports athletes. They were smart and send their products to famous people who mentioned in interviews they had bowel movement accidents (due to sports).

DUDE send them some of their products which the athletes shared on social media. Talk about smart marketing!

Why are DUDE Wipes better?

It’s all personal preference whether DUDE Wipes are better than any other toilet wipe brands.

DUDE WIPES may be better than other brands because:

  • They sold thousands of wipes making them trustworthy to the public
  • Their wipes are made of plant-based materials (not synthetic) which is better for nature
  • They claim that their wipes are sewer and septic save
  • DUDE Wipes come in 2 variants: mint chill and fragrance-free
  • They added Vitamin E and Aloe to their wipes

Honestly, the DUDE brand is just good at marketing. And after being shown on Shark tank and sponsoring famous people the brand gained a lot of fame just because of that.

There are alternatives to dude wipes and they’re not necessarily worse.

Alternative toilet wipes to DUDE wipes

Here is a list of alternative toilet wipes to DUDE Wipes:

  • Cottonelle Flushable Wet Wipes
    • Sustainably sourced
    • Biodegradable
    • 100% flushable, septic- and sewer safe
  • Booty Wipes for Adults
    • For Sensitive skin
    • The plant-sourced fibers will safely disintegrate in your sewers
    • Can be used on all body parts
  • DUDE wipes
    • Plastic-free & plant sourced
    • Up to 35% larger than other toilet wipes
    • Unscented, hypoallergenic alcohol and paraben free
  • Nice ‘N Clean Flushable Wipes
    • Made with advanced flushable technology which makes them sewer and septic safe
    • Infused with Aloe and vitamin E to moisturize
    • Safe for kids

DUDE wipes Shark Tank

Dude wipes appeared on Shark Tank, a tv show in which start-ups try to get investors to invest in their products. This boosted their production and the company blossomed into the popular business it is today. Watch a fragment of the episode here:

Frequently asked questions about DUDE wipes

Here are some of the most asked questions about DUDE wipes simply answered:

Can I use DUDE Wipes if Im a girl?

You can definitely use DUDE wipes if you’re a girl. DUDE wipes are marketed towards men because the brand DUDE is as the name suggests, for men. There’s no reason women can’t use DUDE Wipes.

But it’s just a marketing thing, nothing else.

Can I use dude wipes instead of showering?

DUDE wipes can technically be used instead of showering because the wipes are safe to use over the entire body. Instead of using DUDE toilet wipes, the brand has special shower wipes specifically made to refresh yourself if you can’t shower.

However, wet wipes are never a replacement for an actual shower.

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