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The best bathroom Christmas decorations for 2023

‘Tis the season of hot chocolate, cozy sweaters, and Christmas trees. So why not decorate your bathroom to keep that Christmas spirit going, even in there?

I’ve listed a few (DIY) Christmas decorations specifically for your bathroom. Enjoy!

How to make a bathroom look Christmassy

I personally categorize Christmas folks between 2 main groups: the ones that love Christmas, and want to decorate, but still want to keep their aesthetically pleasing interior. The other group are the ones that are obsessed with Christmas. Nothing is too much for them. The more Christmassy the better.

I have found bathroom Christmas decorations for both groups.

Minimalistic Christmas bathroom decor

If you’re part of the ”let’s keep the Christmas decor matching the interior” group, the following ideas are right up your alley:

To make a bathroom look Christmassy yet aesthetically pleasing you can add a minimalistic Christmas tree in your bathroom. Decorating your mirror with a few Christmas tree twigs will bring it all together. Adding fairy lights is also a Christmas classic. To top everything off use a Christmas scent (usually pine-scented) candle.

You can easily DIY a bathroom/toilet spray. Just use essential oils that smell like the holidays!

Here are a few examples of aesthetically pleasing Christmas decors for your bathroom:

Hardcore Christmas bathroom decor

For the people who are hardcore into Christmas, I also came up with some fun ideas.

To make your bathroom look more Chrismassy you can dress up your toilet with Christmas decorations. There are packs available that give you a toilet lid cover, a cover or topper for your toilet tank, a mat for around your toilet, and a toilet roll decoration. They come in fun designs such as Santa, a snowman and much more.

This idea is especially fun for kids. You can make it as Christmassy as you like. Just remember to always flush with the lid down! And perhaps, depending on how long you keep them on your toilet, give them a weekly wash.

Here are a few of those fun Christmas packs (click on the image to buy):

Santa and a snowman:


Shower curtain, toilet lid topper and bath rug

The one thing that makes your bathroom Christmassy

The one thing, in my opinion, that makes your bathroom Christmassy isn’t something you can see. It is something you can smell.

Yes, folks:

Add a nice-smelling candle or incense stick to your bathroom that smells like Christmas.

There are a few ways to create a ”Christmas scent” in your bathroom:

  • Scented candle
    • Be cautious though: do not let it burn when you are not there! Keep it on for a few minutes and then blow it out before your guests come in.
  • Incense stick
  • A scented spray
    • You can DIY one with essential oils
  • Scented pearls
  • Pot-Pourri

Typically, woodsy scents like pine are associated with Christmas. Other scents that are associated with Christmas are: Cedarwood, apple cider, nutmeg, cranberry, and peppermint. Whatever you like, go for it!

Another tip that is within the smell department is to use something like fastening a bunch of eucalyptus to your showerhead. This will create a lovely smell every time you take a shower. And it lingers.

Keep reading because I’m about to show you lots of other ideas!

How to decorate a bathroom vanity for Christmas?

The best way to decorate your bathroom vanity for Christmas is to add a nice bowl of Christmas-smelling pou pourri, in combination with twinkle lights and possibly a mini Christmas tree. Of course, you need to have the space for it. Small ornaments like a moose or a reindeer also make your vanity look nice.

Have you ever thought about nice Christmas towels? A Christmas soap dispenser? The options are endless!

Here are some Christmas inspired decors for your bathroom:

Christmas happens only once a year! This is your sign to go all out 😉

What Christmas decorations can you put in a bathroom?

Since you’re putting decorations in a bathroom you might want to think about it a bit more. We’re dealing with a room in which people use the toilet. This means that it’s best to only use products that are easy to clean.

Christmas decorations to put in your bathroom are things like: a mini Christmas tree, Christmas tree twigs wrapped around your mirror, a Christmas scented candle, Christmas shower curtain, Christmas towels, a bath rug that says ho ho ho, fairy lights, and a spray that contains Christmas scent.

If you for example are going to use a toilet lid topper you might want to throw it in the wash every now and then. Just to keep things hygienic. You can’t wash intricate ornaments but you can air them out once you use them by putting them outside.

But hey, Christmas only happens once a year so as long as things are clean, it’s fine. Another thing to remember is that a bathroom will get humid. If you want to spice up your walls by hanging up a nice print make sure it’s framed. If not, the humidity might affect the quality of the print.

So, all you need to do is remember to:

  • Not let any candle burn when no one is there
  • Only place things in the bathroom that can withstand humidity
  • Flush with the lid closed

List of 25 Bathroom Christmas decorations

I’ve got tons of ideas so I listed them down below. Ready?

25 Christmas decorations to put in your bathroom are:

  1. Fairy lights
  2. Mini Christmas tree
    • If you have lots of room you can put a small one somewhere in the corner or on your vanity
  3. Adhere some Christmas bulbs to your mirror
  4. Add tinsel anywhere you like
  5. Decorate your toilet
    • You can buy sets that include a cover for your toilet tank, toilet lid, a bath rug, and a towel or cloth to hang on your toilet roll holder.
  6. Replace your shower curtain with a Christmas one
  7. Put the Christmas cards you receive in your magazine holder
    • What better time to read those Christmas wishes than when you’re dropping a deuce
  8. Add a bath rug in the form of a snowflake
    • This is way too cute to skip this year
  9. Stick Christmas stickers/decals to your toilet
  10. Change your toothbrush cup holders with a Christmas cup
  11. Hang a mistletoe above the door of the bathroom
  12. Hang a Christmas wreath above your toilet
  13. Use a Christmas soap dispenser
    • A nutcracker or a fun snowman
  14. Use Christmas toilet paper
  15. Put a big red bow around your bin
    • For some reason big red bows are in line with Christmas
  16. Decorate your bathroom mirror with string lights for a magical glow
  17. Hang a garland with (faux) pine branches and ornaments around the bathroom mirror
  18. Create a snowflake mobile to hang from the ceiling
  19. Hang a set of jingle bells on a ribbon from the shower curtain rod
  20. Use a wooden crate to display festive bathroom essentials like tissues and extra towels
  21. Fill a glass jar with colorful Christmas ornaments and use it as a countertop centerpiece
  22. Display a bowl of potpourri with seasonal scents like cinnamon or pine
  23. Set up a small nativity scene on a bathroom shelf or windowsill
  24. Put up a holiday-themed nightlight for a warm, soft glow during the night
  25. Add holiday-themed wall art or decals to the bathroom walls

If those aren’t fun ideas I don’t know what to tell you.

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